Tuesday, August 24, 2010

London Hotel

The London Hotel, part of Ben May's hospitality group, did a major renovation a few years ago to create a great, intimate pub in the heart of Paddington's chic William Street fashion precinct. 

The timber of the original bar and restaurant tables was still in good nick but needed some reviving to see them through a few more years, via biscuiting the timber planks together. Many off the shelf tables just use glue without any further strengthening, eventually leaving pub and cafe owners with dodgy tables. So they chuck otherwise perfectly good timber and metal table bases out and replace them with more off the shelf short life-span tables and go through the whole process again a few years down the track. Costly and not at all environmentally conscious.

For a percentage of that cost we biscuit the planks, sand back and respray. So part of the London job was resuscitating the restaurant tables, and the other part was designing some simple low height drinks tables for the upper storey events rooms. Manager Andrew Stanway was looking for a very simple, design which could nonetheless withstand the rigours of an excited London Hotel crowd. With hidden support the tables keep the clean look Andrew was after, but provide the necessary strength should the atmosphere reach table-dancing levels. Images courtesy The London Hotel.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Spot Cafe Work Station

The Spot Cafe has been undertaking a gradual renovation and we recently completed this custom designed work station for them. We've used a natural finish we've been testing for the last few months to withstand the kind of punishment expected in a busy hospitality environment and it's wearing really well. This means we can avoid using toxic two pack laquers which were formerly de riguer for such projects.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

ARM Tour

Stu has spent the last week in the Northern Territory for an ARM Tour (Athletes as Role Models), an initiative run by NASCA. You can read more about the program here.

Stu was in a group with basketballer Kellie Abrahams, sports teacher Mark Heiss, rugby league player Gavin Lester, swimmer Libby Trickett and NASCA's Georgina Nash, who all went to Ntaria, which is community about 3 hours west of Alice Springs. The week involves the ARM Tourers helping the local school to deliver their education, health and sporting programs. From driving the school bus in the morning to helping as a teacher's aid during class time, the athletes then spend the afternoon doing sport with the kids. The main aim of the Tour is to encourage Aboriginal youth in remote communities to stay in school, lead healthy lifestyles, and make positive choices in life.

Stu and Gavin also used their building skills and got some of the older kids to make some picnic tables for the school. 

The team also got to check out the local country side one afternoon. 

Spin to Win

Sometimes things are a bit slow and then an old mate who remembers that once upon a million years ago you made a chocolate wheel calls and says "my boss is having real problems sourcing some spin to win wheels for a tupperware company and they need 33 of them in 2 weeks - do you reckon you can do it?"

That's probably all you need to know. Big thanks to Katie Todd, graphic designer extraordinaire who took another Pinkerton SOS call to create the giant sticker and perfectly understood our "drag queen tupperware colours for the sticker" garbled brief. Also to Creative Impact for printing them at short notice. 

The Pinkertonnettes had fun being quality control officers on the project.