Wednesday, December 8, 2010

HPS Lectern

The Year 6 gift to Hamilton Public School this year is a specially commissioned lectern by Pinkerton. To source the timber we went to Briggs warehouse in western Sydney and got to pick the exact sheet of veneer from the rack. This was a real eye opener - the warehouse was absolutely bustling with all teams busily getting national and international orders out the door on a Friday afternoon. We felt very privileged to be allowed on the shop floor and get to sift through the blackbutt stack to find the perfect sheet. And one of those eternal mysteries about veneer was uncovered - when they have a hole in the veneer sheet they literally sew-heat-gun a patch of the veneer in place to cover the hole. We saw a number of employees who had clearly spent the last 30 years perfecting this art. Incredible stuff, so many talented people involved in timber furniture production, from seed to table.

Anyway enough about the timber, the lectern will be used in the new hall being built at Hamilton Public School. Thanks to Caroline Smith and Nicole Neave-Cowley of the HPS PnC for the commission and the indefatigable Principal David Jack in getting this one across the line.