Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ian Burns Sculpture

Renting our other warehouse at the moment over at Steel River is NY based Australian artist Ian Burns, busy creating an installation piece for the Art Gallery of NSW. We won't even try to describe his incredible work - here's Ian in his own words:

"This sculpture, made for the entry vestibule of the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney, Australia, generates simulated video of objects traversing space above the earth. This footage is achieved by recording high speed video of space toys dropping past a high speed video camera. The automation of this functionality is achieved by robotizing the operation of a cheap consumer camcorder that includes a low resolution high speed function."

Here's Ian at Steel River in progress....

There's also a great interview with Ian in front of the work which the Art Gallery of NSW has posted on you tube, click below to watch. The opening is this weekend in Sydney.