Friday, March 4, 2011

Surfest Perpetual Trophy

We've been supplying timber bases for Julie Squires to fix her amazing Surfest sculptures on to for a number of years. This year Surfest decided that instead of getting new ones done each year to give away, that they would create a special piece that the winner keeps until the comp the following year. Pinkerton was therefore asked to provide a base that was a different, something a bit more creative than the standard rhombus of wood. 

As the trophy is to be named after the legendary Mark Richards, Stu asked MR for some of his templates and used those as his starting point. He carved a tryptych of board noses to form the base for Julie's beautiful homage to MR's gangly style, and its made from a fairly significant chunk of huon pine.

Click here to read the Surfest story about the trophy.