Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Necker Belle in International Boat

There's a nine page feature on the Necker Belle in International Boat's March issue. The article goes into candid detail about the often troubled refurbishment of the yacht, which included a new mast and rigging when the engineer worked out the existing wasn't coping with the increased weight of the boat, then the luxury boat builder went into liquidation and Azzurra inherited the project, then the decision was made to rip all the interiors out rather than the minor cosmetic action that was initially intended, amongst many other issues.  For the record, in case anyone gets their hands on a copy, we were the joiners brought in after the original team was sacked because their work didn't meet specified standards!

Although it was a challenging 12 months project for Pinkerton, the reward and satisfaction are drawn from the client's happiness with the end result. Here's some quotes from Branson:

"I love the open space. You feel like you're in your own private beach house, which is exactly the look I was after... She is remarkably stable yet super fast under sail, so comfort isn't compromised for speed - another huge appeal for me. And she's different - you won't see another like her. "