Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nanshe Jewelry Plinths

Barb Nanshe is a jewelry designer who recently opened her own shopfront in Hamilton. Barb wanted to stay away from enclosed glass cases for displaying her jewelry and was after a more tactile method of showcasing her work. Having spotted Stu's Up Down Stool in our Islington showroom, she developed an idea to use a variation of the stool as a plinth, with thin wire fastenings thread through from the underside, allowing customers to pick up pieces but not run out the door with them. They feature recycled spotted gum frames and Tasmanian Oak tops and aprons. 

Barb specified varying heights and regularly changes the arrangements of the plinths. Sometimes she clusters them, sometimes they are arranged in a sweeping arc, as on the day we visited to take pics. Since we didn't expect them to get water on them any time soon it allowed us to finish them in Danish Oil, rather than having to seal them with something more durable, and this had led to an unexpected benefit - a lovely subtle aroma of timber pervades the space, creating a shop that looks and smells delicious.