Friday, December 21, 2012

Royal Oak Tables

Having spent part of his youth as a frequent visitor to the Royal Oak in Double Bay, it was a trip down memory lane for Stu when the pub's manager, Jamie Malouf, asked him to produce some custom tables. The Oak has been undergoing a progressive make-over in recent months and now boasts interiors to match the great service and excellent food.

Jamie was after a round six-seater bar table to fill an awkward space in Phil's Bar near the stairs - and he wanted to be able to drop a champange bucket into the centre of it during functions. Six-seater bar tables are hard to come by (just Google it) because an oversized top means they are difficult to stabilise. Using recycled timber to match the relaxed retro vibe of Phil's Bar, Stu created a unique frame that provides a space for the ice bucket but won't topple over. When the ice bucket is not in use, a matching timber circle with a steel rim plugs the hole.

Jamie was also after a chunky TAB table, also with cut out sections for betting forms to be placed in. The legs are made from recycled Australian hardwood, while the top was covered in a vinyl stencil featuring sepia tinted racing scenes.

A nice job to finish up the year - and some great food eaten along the way!