Saturday, April 27, 2013

Textiles - Sketch & Jones and Timeless Textiles

Well the first event in our series of creative talks exceeded all expectations yesterday. We would have been happy with three people and a dog but about around 40 lovely souls turned up to listen to Anne Kempton and Diana Jones talk about how they came to be what they are doing in the wonderful world of textile art.

Anne's story of leaving a stable bureacratic career to fearlessly - but not recklessly - start up Timeless Textiles in 2011 was truly inspiring. Who would have known that in a short time she has put Islington on the international textiles map, securing highly-regarded artists from around the globe for their Australian exhibitions. Anne's passion and vision are amazing.

Meanwhile Diana Jones actually studied film at uni but when faced with the notion of having to move away from Newcastle to work, she decided to reinvent herself as a graphic designer - despite knowing nothing about it! 400-page tool catalogues and photo-bombing herself into scores of Yellow Pages ads later, she threw caution to the wind and started Sketch & Jones 5 years ago and hasn't looked back.

Both spoke candidly of the challenges of running a small business - of pricing for what something is worth in a commercial landscape where discounts are king, of trying to still find time for art around busy production schedules. Both brought examples of work and explained the techniques used to create them.

The session was filmed, we'll upload the video soon for those who couldn't make it. Here's some images in the meantime.

There was also an article about the talks in the Herald, you can read it here.