Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1 Bligh Street Lecterns

We were super excited recently to get a call from Architectus ordering two of our curved lecterns for 1 Bligh Street. This project has been in the news over the last 18 months or so as Australia's first 6 Star Green Star office building. A double skin facade and a 120m high atrium create excellent indoor environment quality allowing natural light to penetrate throughout the building. And then there's the solar panels, rain water recycling, black water recycling and chilled beam air con run on gas and solar energy. The elliptical shape of the building is also 12% more efficient in terms of floor space compared to a rectangular building.

The lecterns are destined for the new Commonwealth offices within the building which will include suites for the Prime Minister, Opposition leader, a number of Federal Ministers and other MPs who are moving from their old digs over in Phillip Street. Made from Tasmanian Oak Veneer which has been vacuum bagged around a circular jig, the lecterns certainly provide a contrast to the usual box-y versions on the market and bear a passing resemblance to their new home.  

Here's some more images of this amazing building...

And there's a great video which looks at the design and construction of it on YouTube